My roots:

Since early in my life I’ve been passionate about photography, art and music. I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin, and I’m the oldest (but shortest) of four. My family is tight. We all grew up together in a cottage on Friess Lake and spent carefree years there making forts in the woods, fishing, swimming, and drawing. I would sit and draw for hours and hours. My parents were a constant source of encouragement and praise for every little scribble. When they gave me my first camera as a graduation gift I discovered a new art form, painting on my black and white photographs. One thing led to another, and I started my own photography business. Then one day I moved it to Hawaii’s Big Island and among other things, became a preferred vendor to several of the luxury resorts.

Marriage and family brought me full circle back to Wisconsin in 2016. Now I’m raising my own kids in the same town where I grew up.

My mission:

My mission is to visually capture the world and its people in a beautiful, truthful and artistic way through creative projects, documentary portraiture and event photography. 

My style:

Generally I find myself most influenced by modern photography in the last century sense of the word. I like clean lines and unique angles. What makes me different is color. Bright colors make me happy. My two favorite shooting modes are portrait and photojournalistic. Between planned "photo ops" and posed portraits, I’m firing away in the background, documenting unposed moments and details.

random tidbits:

Photography is my language; images are my words. I laugh loudly and often at the wrong times. I fell in love when I thought it was impossible. The freedom of children inspires me. I have a constantly growing to-do list. I found my wedding dress in France. I have four children.

Things others have said about me:

I’ve known Jerusha since 2002 when she was my photography student. She is bright, joy-filled, encouraging, energetic, responsible, resourceful, and friendly with a deeply compassionate love for people, and a passionate, effervescent and creative spirit.

former professor - photography school

Passionate about communications, Jerusha Olsan provides the office with valuable services daily. Her many talents and gifts as well as her joyful presence and willing team-membership are a constant blessing.

office colleagues - former communications job

Jerusha’s rare ability to see unusual angles and to frame exquisitely-timed moments in camera, uniquely and precisely is what sets her apart from the vast majority of her peers. It is what allows her to produce such a high volume of quality final images from each shoot. Where the average photographer does well to generate three to five percent of usable images from each shoot, Jerusha’s percentage is consistently in the ten to fifteen percent range, easily double and triple that of most of the pros I have edited. Her work stands out for its artistic quality as well as for its joyful, optimistic spirit. She is highly gifted at drawing out the beautiful and presenting it in a way that is both uplifting and ennobling.

photo editor - Madison avenue ad agency

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